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David Witz has done memorable copy, production and/or voicework for, among others:

Alabama Credit Union
American Cancer Society
CBS Records
Charming Shoppes Inc
Craftsman Tools
Crozer-Keystone Health System
Dietz & Watson
Eastern University
Green’s Ice Cream
IBEW Local 98
Kremer Laser Eye Center
Laborers District Council
Mega Broadcasting
Mann Center for the Performing Arts
Penn Maid
Pep Boys
Philadelphia Housing Authority
Pennsylvania Ballet
Primo Hoagies
Red Bull
Rita’s Water Ice
Saul Ewing LLC
Spencer’s, Inc.
Spirit Halloween Superstores
Time Warner Cable
Tower Investments
Trumark Financial Credit Union
Universal Health Services
Universal Studios
Warner Brothers Records
Wawa Food Markets

Spirit Halloween Superstores

When the holiday season arrives, I’m not thinking turkey or Santa. Instead, I’m up to my ears in zombies, demons and talking body parts. The scaremeisters at Spirit Halloween Superstores present me with the first sketches of their next year’s line of animatronic talking props, and I write and produce the dialog and SFX. Then, a few months later, I stop twitching.

Pumpkin Nester

Witch of Stolen Souls

Barnyard Butcher

Evil Scientist

TruMark Financial
Of course you’ve done this–repeatedly mashed the telephone’s “Operator” button while trying to bypass an automated voice tree in the hopes of reaching an “Actual Person”. And because empathy is our middle name (I changed it from Stanley), you’ll find that drama reenacted here. Jeannie Stith is the customer rep worth risking carpal tunnel syndrome for, Eileen Brady handles the sell. Winner, 2007 AIR Awards!

Telenium On-Hold
By popular demand, here’s the on-hold messaging from Telenium Communications Group. Our giggly on-hold messaging has been used by all sorts of companies, including our beloved Spencer Gifts, and we provide it gratis to companies who spend too much money with us in too short a time. DW and Eileen Brady do the vocal honors.

Spencer Gifts
One year’s big award-winner becomes the next year’s returning campaign, thus defeating my profit model based on “repeat business”. “Halloween” features Bruce Hames pounding the snot out of the ever-hapless Wes Shainline in a Scorsese-tinged epic written, produced and engineered by DW. Winner, Best National Radio :60, 2000 ADDY Awards!

The “Valentine 2000″ spot, in which Eileen Brady, Eliana and DW bring new meaning to the word “romantic” as we await a midnight visit from the Radio Sex Police. Finalist, 2000 AIR Awards!

Saul Ewing
The East Coast’s most perceptive corporate counsel wraps its “Thinking Ahead” message around its sponsorship of Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center For The Performing Arts. Jack Moore voices the vision in a trio of spots, “Ballerina”, “Violin” and “Jazz”, the last of which features Wally Hayman’s all-too-convincing simulation of preadolescent keyboardistics, clearly the touch that catapulted this commercial into winning Best Agency Radio Spot, 2001 AIR Awards!

Jack Moore heads directly to the podium for “Conductor”, which evolves the “Thinking Ahead” campaign with unexpected authenticity, as he’d just returned from a stint serving as Principal Guest Conductor of the State Philharmonic of Vidin, Bulgaria, giving this spot the extra little whack of the baton needed to become a Finalist, Best Agency Radio Spot, 2003 AIR Awards!

Delilah’s specializes in pre-nup nuttiness, hence the puzzlement expressed by Andi Rose on the “Bachelor Party” spot. Kim Ashley laps the hot seat. Winner, Best Local Radio :60, 2002 ADDY Awards! Winner, Best of Radio, 2002 ADDY Awards! Winner, Best Local Radio :60, 2002 Philly Gold Awards! Finalist, 2001 AIR Awards!

If you were in the White House, whose phones would you choose to tap? This spot, touting Delilah’s “Wing Ding”, may hold the answer, but we can’t talk about it; it’s classified. So if we even told you who the voiceovers were, we’d have to fly you to a Turkish prison in the dead of night. Finalist, 2006 AIR Awards!

A jawdropping first-take tour-de-force by Eliana Kelly propels this happy hookup of sex and violence in which Delilah’s celebrates “Football”. Finalist, Best Commercial Performance By A Voice Talent, 2003 AIR Awards!

For a flawless demonstration of Method acting, take a listen to how Eileen Brady delivers her last line in Delilah’s “12th Anniversary Party” spot, and be relieved you’re not the one on the receiving end of her withering wrath. Joan Jones plays the obviously-blonde receptionist while Eliana rappels the sell. Best Agency Radio Spot, 2004 AIR Awards!

The Inn of the Dove
The Hilton of hasty hideaways flips two more fingers in the face of the Radio Sex Police with “Bingo”. Eliana edges DW closer to the Jacuzzi as Eileen Brady does color commentary. Winner, Best Agency Radio Spot, 2000 AIR Awards!

A giant jingle job masterfully created by Joe Fusco, “Beethoven” showcases opera students from the Curtis Institute, titanically recorded at Maja Music. Based on an idea by Claudine Quigley, who also did the insert copy. I handled the bagel management. Winner, Best Agency Radio Spot, 1999 AIR Awards!